Product Review: Fitbit Charge HR

Product Review: Fitbit Charge HR

Product Review: Fitbit Charge HR


As a pseudo-new mom, I’ve found it rather challenging to stay on top of my wellness goals. I mean, I’ve been good at hitting the gym and getting my workouts done, but outside of the gym environment I haven’t been as diligent about monitoring my intake and output the way I used to. Heck, let’s be honest, there have been days where I’ve gone almost 9 hours without remembering to drink a glass of water because I’ve been so wrapped up with the baby! So back in January, I decided to give the Fitbit Charge HR a try, and I have to say, it’s really eased some of my angst! I’ve been able to track my daily activity without deliberately logging my data into an excel spreadsheet (yes, I used to do that), and just looking down and seeing the band on my wrist has served as a regular reminder to do things like drink water, take the stairs, and log my nutrition.

Now, let’s talk about some of the band’s key features. The Fitbit Charge HR has a continuous heart rate monitor that allows it to give a much better estimation of your workouts, daily activity, and resting heart rate. Not only does it record all the usual stats – like steps taken, and calories burned – but it also monitors your sleep at night.


A few features that I’ve particularly enjoyed:

  • Resting Heart Rate Measurement – this is taken every morning as soon as you wake up. I like it because as you get fitter, the rate of your heart at rest should decrease. Each morning, I like to see where I’m at!
  • The Sleep Monitor – this has been really interesting for me, as my quality of sleep has changed significantly after having a baby. While the sleep reporting is pretty simplistic (unlike some of it’s competitors that actually log deep versus light sleep), I still like that I get a visual of how much total sleep I’m getting, along with indicators for when I toss and turn.
  • Caller ID – it’s nice to be able to see who’s calling from your watch. This isn’t a be-all-end-all, but it’s a nice add on feature that makes using the watch round-the-clock more enjoyable.
  • The App – it’s simple and easy to use! I love that I can see all of my data from the day, including distance travelled, calories burned, stairs climbed, “active minutes”, steps taken, and sleep.


There are a bunch of other features, like setting yourself up to compete with a friend, that I haven’t taken advantage of… but I know people who have, and they seem to love the added motivation and challenge! Overall, I’d say that the Fitbit Charge HR is a great product for anyone that’s looking for some added motivation and an easy way to stay on top of their daily activity. If you’re a runner or cyclist, be mindful of the fact that this gadget doesn’t have GPS, so tracking distance and pace is never going to be all that accurate. But, for the rest of us who simply want a dashboard view of our days, this is a great way to go! #SoniaCertified


PS. This is not a sponsored post! All views are ACTUALLY my own! :)

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