Product Review: Walmart’s Athletic Works Clothing Line

Product Review: Walmart’s Athletic Works Clothing Line

Product Review: Walmart’s Athletic Works Clothing Line


Many people think that because I’m a personal trainer, I must be obsessed with fitness apparel. And yes, while I do love everything Lululemon… I really only wear their clothes because they’re an easy way to look “put together” when you don’t want to wear “real” clothes (read: jeans). And for anyone that knows me… you can attest to the fact that I NEVER want to wear “real” clothes. But the truth of the matter is, I don’t actually like to workout in fitness clothes. Why? Because anything that lifts and tightens and keeps you looking cute during a workout is often unbearably uncomfortable! So what do I usually wear to the gym? Just some sort of old cotton tank-top and a pair of basic leggings. No muss, no fuss!

So when Walmart was kind enough to dress me up for a couple of TV appearances I was doing earlier this month, I had a couple of very specific thoughts:

  • Oh great, now I’m going to look frumpy on TV because nothing is going to be stylish or even if it is, it’s not going to fit right.
  • Whatever, I’ll wear the clothes, toss ‘em in a pile, and go right back to wearing my cotton basics to the gym!

Boy, was I WRONG.

When we went to take a look at the Walmart Athletic Works clothing line, I was blown away! I literally wanted almost EVERY item they had in store. Not only was everything stylish and fashionable, but more importantly the materials that they used were high quality and soft. Gone were their stiff spandex-y tops and pants (that LOOKED like they were from Walmart), and in were these breathable clothes that looked trendy and expensive! They had a ton of variety – from pants, to fitness tops, to sports bras, to zippies – and the colors were so nice that I wanted one of each. After trying on a bunch of items, we decided on a couple of outfits that made sense for TV and went on our way. But to my surprise, I not only wore the outfits on TV, but have been wearing them regularly since! The pants and fitness tops have been a staple in my gym-wardrobe, and the zippies have made regular appearances in my day-to-day look.

Comfort + Style = Happy Sonia :)

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Another reason why I’m loving Walmart’s Athletic Works line is because of it’s price point. EVERYTHING is under $20.00. Yes, once upon a time their clothes were inexpensive but kind of hard to look at, which made it hard to want to spend $5.00, let alone $20.00. But with their new line, we’re talking really great bang-for-your-buck! I find that clothes in this price point give me a strong sense of ease, particularly when I’m dealing with a messy 9-month old on a daily basis. Its like “go ahead, little lady, use my top to wipe your hands, spit up, and slobber on… no big deal! If I really need to, I can buy another one”! Speaking of which, I’ve washed everything a handful of times already, and nothing is pilling or starting to look dishevelled.

I do have one complaint. For some reason, isn’t selling their new collection online yet. Now, I’m not a big online shopper, so to me this isn’t the biggest deal in the world. But, I know that most people are savvier than I am, and I can see this being an issue for anyone that doesn’t want to stand in ridiculous Walmart line ups!

Other than that, their new collection is meant to be lightweight, breathable, supportive, and fashionable. And you know what?! I think they’ve nailed it! Definitely #SoniaCertified!

PS. This is NOT a sponsored post. All views are ACTUALLY my own! :)

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