Product Review: Sketchers Shoes

Product Review: Sketchers Shoes

Product Review: Sketchers Shoes


Remember how I said that I’m not in love with fitness clothes? Well, let me clarify that I AM kind of obsessed with workout shoes. Why? Oh I don’t know… just because shoes are awesome?! The colors… the patterns… the comfort… oh my! :)

So today let’s talk about one specific brand of shoes: Sketchers. Once upon a time, when someone said “Sketchers” I’d immediately think “pseudo-try-hard-wannabe-sneaker”. Does anyone remember their butt-shaping shoes!? I mean… WHAT ON EARTH?!  So when Sketchers offered to give me some shoes to try out a couple of years ago… let’s just say that I kind of rolled my eyes. I mean I was pleased at the prospect of free shoes, but frankly, I was a little bummed that I wasn’t getting shoes from a “real” fitness brand.



2 years ago, I began my closet love-affair with Sketchers because of their incredible focus on comfort. I have seven pairs of their shoes, and I kid you not, they are all top notch in the comfort department. I think it’s their use of “memory foam” that really makes you feel like you’re bouncing on a cloud when you walk. Anytime I’m doing a leg-day or a plyometric workout, it’s a given that I’ll wear a pair of Sketchers. In fact, I pretty much ONLY wore Sketchers while pregnant because all of my other shoes wouldn’t cushion against my pregnancy heel pain. They’re THAT comfortable! So why did I say that I developed a “closet love-affair”? Well, that’s because you’ll rarely (read: never) catch me wearing Sketchers shoes for any of my fitness segments on TV. This isn’t because I’m worried about the brand name… it’s actually because, in my opinion, Sketchers makes some rather esthetically-unappealing shoes. I don’t know who is behind their designs, but most of the time, their a swing and a miss if you ask me! On the outside, they just don’t stack up against the look of Nike, New Balance, Adidas, or Under Armour. So when you’re looking to complete a fitness outfit with a snazzy pair of shoes? Sketchers falls to the bottom of the list. But when you’re talking about functionality at an amazing price point? Sketchers knocks it out of the park!

So I guess here’s the bottom line: If you are looking for an amazingly comfortable shoe that isn’t going to break the bank, then I highly suggest you give Sketchers a try. You may not end up with the sexiest shoe you’ve ever seen, but what you’ll be gaining in comfort will more than make up for it! #SoniaCertified


PS. This is NOT a sponsored post. All views are ACTUALLY my own! :)

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